The phases of project management

Projektkreislauf - vom Lastenheft zur Lieferung

Being experienced project managers in multinational big projects we are structuring our consulting according to the project phases:

  • Preparation of contracts, specifications, tender documents
  • Closure of contract, conditions, contractual "tripping hazards"
  • Change control management, claim & waiver management
  • Project planning and control; surveillance of performance, time and finance (earned value management)
  • Project prognosis
  • Project closing, internal verifications / buy offs, customer buy off
  • Project closing report / "lessons learned"

We are taking over interim project management task, but we also are teaching your project managers.

  • We are accompanying selected sample projects from initialization until the closure
  • We are helping your project managers in daily job
  • You will learn, in which way project planning can help to bypass problems
  • We are making to your disposal practical aids, you can work with immediately (e. g. our software Software Orga+DB)
  • We will help to solve problems in case of difficulties, also interpersonal
  • We will schedule seminaries to topics as strategies for negotiations, body language and appropriate reactions to that

According to our dictum we are keeping both feed on the ground.