We have something against structures that have evolved over time

You know the "arguments": We did that always that way, or, we never did that this way? Both are on the same level and basically they are nothing else, then a refusal, to think about improvements and to learn.

If you favour this, you don't need us. We are convinced, that generally all can be improved - in the sense of ISO9001, which requires continual improvement processes (CIP). And we have experience to do that:

  • Each and every improvement, which has been implemented finally means a reduction of intrapreneurial risk, eventually linked with considerable cost reduction.
    • e. g., the improvement of your product quality will lead to an increased customer satisfaction - your position as a reliable supplier will be strengthened, customers will not change to other suppliers, may be cheaper ones. - This is important in critical times, thus, your company gets less susceptible to risk.
    • On the other hand: The improvement of quality will lead to a reduction of non charge service works, which might be very expensive, when considering all the negative and cost relevant side effects.
  • Regarding improvement potentials we have a bifocal perspective: We are observing the product / performance quality, beginning with the stability of development until manufacture and buy off, rather than the quality of your business processes. An insufficient and inefficient organization and administration can be extraordinarily expensive and might lead, in the same way as low quality performance / products to many angry customers.

Based on our experience we analyze your processes, determine weaknesses and are proposing measures to remove failures for the reason of an increased efficiency.Results will be presented in form of a SWOT analysis.