Risks are not an inevitable fate

It is simply not true, that risks are to be accepted as they appear. Risks are manageable, if useful procedures are applied.

First part of risk management is to recognize and assess risks. Then, a decision needs to be met, which risk is worth to be managed by defining and initializing countermeasures, followed by controls of measures and the assessment, how the measures are working.

Here as well the basis for success is a structured and sophisticated procedure. Basically, risk management is THE important tool in project management model kit.

What happens, if work is not set up properly, you can observe at the new Berlin airport. For sure, your projects do not have the same or a comparable size, but the proceeding is not depending on project magnitude.

Join us, and profit from the advantages of our risk management tool "Chance & Risk Observer" and get trained your project managers.

Some minds to chances:

In no case it is sufficient to know, that there are hidden chances in a project: They need actively to be pursued and managed. So far, chances are just a mirror to risks, with inverted prefix. Our "Chance & Risk Observer" meets this concern.