How do you continue your business, if ...

Meanwhile it is relevant even for your bank institute, if you approach an age, where the question of succession of the CEO gets actual (Basel II), your important customers also want to know, how you are able to continue your business, if catastrophic events happen, if your buildings are on fire, or if other natural debacles happen.

Particularly, if you have important unique selling points (USP's), you are at risk for your customer for his business, if you fail as a supplier.

Business Continuity is aiming exactly to that point: You will establish emergency plans and transition plans, where you define exactly, how to overcome challenges, and how long you need, to achieve full delivery performance after an event.

You need to be prepared to emergencies: If you need to decide in the "chaos phase" about responsibilities and measures, how escape routes are to be organized, who is informing whom (families of employees, public services, press etc.) - the "you are lost",  under circumstances accompanied by fatal consequences for human, material and the reputation of your company ... And as business leader you will be made personally liable for that. Did you know it?

We have organized this topic several times in practice, and we have achieved in audits and from insurance companies excellent assessments. - You may draw profit from that.