Chances and risks: Assess, evaluate, control

Using CR+Observer

  • You structurize risks and chances, you assess them and evaluate them
  • You develop mitigation strategies and evaluate cost (risks) respectively
  • for chances: You define the chance amount and define measures to realize them, as well as cost for their realization
  • You define responsible persons and due dates for all activities
  • CR+Observer is meeting oriented: You agree chance and risk meetings, where the status for each item and the development since last meeting is assessed; all previous meeting results are filed in a history, as a result the success of your activities can be presented in diagram form.
  • You will use CR+Observer as an efficient project management tool
  • You will have an updated overview at any time, on project level, but also on company level (Basel II - requirements)
  • You will receive manifold evaluations, sorted by responsibles, structure areas, etc., in form of listings and diagrams
  • CR+Observer will furnish important information for qualified decisions