AuditControls: Scheduling, execution and surveillance of non-conformities

You will use AuditControls for audit planning, for process assessments and evaluations, and control the execution of improvement measures in case of proposals and non-conformities - for your internal audits, as well as for supplier audits.

AuditControls is able to work using standardized questionnaries (ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, VDA 6.3)- These questions can be modified, or new / own questions can be defined. When answering, you will make an assessment and - if necessary - define improvement measures, classified as proposal, minor or major non-conformity, together with responsible person and a due date. You will attach referenced documents in any format as verifications and initiate by "pressing a button" a complete qualified audit report as well as a report containing all proposals and non-conformities with measures, dates and responsibles.Reminders for due actions are initialized by the built in mail function.

You will work reliable, fast and extremely efficient. - And the results will be available on line for your external audits.

AuditControls will be available in due course, as a web based solution, so you can use, update and control the system world wide by using your intranet.