QZV - Verein zur Qualit├Ątssicherung und Zertifizierung f├╝r den Mittelstand e. V.

ISO-Consulting does not carry out certifications, but leads customers to certification maturity. When we were searching for certification assiciation company it was mandatory, that such organization follows an identical target philosophy as ISO-Consulting. This ideal partner has been found with QZV, ISO-Consulting is QZV member since years.

QZV - members are practising and teaching QM at universities. They represent the status of actual technical development and are setting standards (to avoid organized administratic barriers).  In the environment of these professors free auditors have gathered, who are released as QZV - auditors on the basis of severe preconditions.

Each auditor has full access to the comprising competence of all auditors. Thus, he has a complete reservoir of highest capabilities and comptences.
QZV certifications are professionell, individual and absolutely confidential. QZV auditors will contribute to sales and marketing successes of your enterprise. Norms provide the basis and are serving as guidelines.

QZV e.V. is financed by the contributions of his members and for that reason is able to offer his efforts at reasonable prices. 

Foundation of new companies and subsidiaries in south east Asia / China - MANAGEMENTNET

Our partner in south east Asia delivers consultancy for founding new enterprises / subsidiaries locally in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Capabilities: Mother languges chinese, malay; speaking fluently english, mandarin and major chinese dialects


Long and deep experience in quality, environmental and safety management, specializing in management system setup, integration, coaching and training to suit the most current business and organization needs. Familiar with South-east Asia culture, able to converse well in multi-languages including English, Malay, Mandarin and major Chinese dialects enabling communication and knowledge sharing in most possible effective and efficient manner.