Important, that customers come back, and not your products ...

Core requirement of ISO9001 and of highesst interest for the top management of any company are metrics for customer satisfaction.

To solve this problem, different possibilities are available:

  1. To use specific marketing analysts, who are carrying out yearly market and customer satisfaction surveys, which are then distributed to their member companies. Advantage: You don't care about, the analysis covers also the actual status of your competitors, you just pay "only" the rather important memebership fees.- Regardless the fact, that some members are trying to manipulate results ...
  2. Analysis and assessments are necessarily standardized, that specific problem areas cannot be recognized, further, the basic questions and methods are unknown - but they are important, to assess the right conclusions from the survey.


Our proceeding:

We are discussing with you, what you need to know, and where are your specific points of interest for you. For that reason, our analysis are much more tailored to your needs. weaknesses, which are recognized by your customers, cann be assessed very preciselyand the measures for improvements meet exactly the targets. Consequence: Considerable improvements in customer satisfaction will stabilize your business relations, your customers will remain loyal to you.

This is what we understand as preventive crisis management.