The reasons for that are manifold:

  • Your customers do have high expectations for quality, they have implemented procedures for supplier qualification and assessments: If you don't dispose a certificate, your business relations with such customers will not be long lasting.S
  • Your enterprise is consistently growing, possibly in a transition phase from a small to a middle sized one - the communication between your employees needs rules, your processes need clear structures, responsibilities and allocation of work needs to be clearly defined: Preparing for a certification will solve all this  - and to maintain the certificate ensures, that this progress will be maintained as well.
  • You notice, that your organization does not work smoothly, you are wasting money, the operational performance is not efficient, failures are increasing: Analysis of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) resultet in the fact, that considerable amounts of turn over disappear in the "failure Moloch" of organizations. The introduction of continoual improvement processes (CIP), one of the core topics of ISO9001, will save money  - these savings are net margin! Our verified success in a reference enterprise: Reduction of failure cost for > 80%, increase of profit based on these savings > 50%.


Our conviction: A suitable quality management needs to take in to account two different areas: Optimized business processes AND improvement of quality of your products / intrapreneurial performance will lead to the effect, that cost caused by your quality management must be exceeded by the surplus created by these measures. In addition this will increase the stability of your enterprisye and will decrease your intrapreneurial risk.

We do have considerbale experience in all these areas and offer our help.

And why do you need this help?

Your certifying company is not allowed to prepare the certification (conflict of interest) or to assist you in the case of problems - for that reason you need help, and that's what we are doing - as an independant external partner with considerable know how.


You do NOT need a certification?

In case you want (and have the position) to avoid the administrative cost for a certification and maintaining it, we propose nevertheless, to develop and apply some important principles of ISO9001: These are all topics, relating to your performance (and with it, of course, your financial) controlling, where you locate, how and where your losses appear, and demonstrating, how you may improve the performance and efficiency of your enterprise. Very often, there are simple and "tricky" improvements, which will significantly lead to success. You want to know more? We will help.