Environmental Management - additional cost factor or saving money?

Good news: 

If you have already implemented a quality management system according to ISO9001, you may use the same procedures and tools for your new environmental management system ISO14001 as well - it's working along the same principles.

Besides the main target to disburden our environment from pollution and damaging loads, the environmental management system as well is leading to important cost savings: Saving resources means saving expenses - a double positive effect.

Meanwhile not only large companies are asking for certificates, but at least for verifications, that their supplier are working along environmental rules and laws: Even if you don't dispose a certificate, many companies meanwhile insist at least on a self assessment, asking your position about environmental measures; if you don't have something to report, this will influence negatively your supplier assessment scheme.

To complete such self assessment questionnaires which is very time consuming, it is useful, to undertake the step for a ISO14001 certification - we will show you, what's necessarily to be done.