How to achieve a maximum stability of your enterprise ...

The wording "optimization" implies, that there is a need for optimization:

Processes don't work smoothly, are causing failures, delays and finally are leading to increased cost.
Your products and / or your performance are not produced properly, which under circumstances even concerns your customers, leads to costly additional work in service, even customers' confidence, basis for future business, might be destroyed.

In most cases the effects of such "efficiency eaters" are misjudged, most companies have absolutely no idea, which amount of their profit is consumed by bad organization - or which losses are caused. However, we can state a widespread and not real anxiety of "bureaucratization" and structured processes, and loss of "flexibility".

We say:
Flexibility is considerably cut off by "chaos processes", delivery dates are not being kept, for the reason of additional improvement work,  - however, it is normally not recognized, that the criticized bureaucratization will help to finalize work in time and without failures and risk, your company gets more stable and less risky.
In case you can identify yourself with the target of a stable and low-risk company, please join us - we have the knowledge of how to proceed.


The stability of your enterprise is not proven in economic boom, but in crisis only!

To make profit in times of economic boom is not difficult. If the market, the demand for your products or performance is high, it is rather easy to achieve extraordinary margins. The truth appears in down turn:

  • Stay your customers with you, or do they change their supplier?
  • Do your margins move towards the "red figures"?
  • Are you losing market shares?

... if that is the case, it is high time, to think about continual improvement processes / activities (CIP's), to implement the measures and to save money.

In first line, good margins are the result of efficient work in the enterprise; that means:

  • To avoid unneccesary cost
  • to define intelligent and cost saving processes

Last, but not least: High customer satisfaction will save your incoming orders at reasonable margins, even if markets are turning down. This satisfaction is only achievable by reliable and high quality performance.  - Again we arrive at our specific know how.