Metrics are controlling instruments

Beispiel: Prozesslandschaft

Once again one of our core themes: "Most of companies don't have any idea, of how much of profit is destroyed by organizational failures. 

There is only one tool for them: M - D - F = Metrics, Dates, Facts

In order to recognize your actual status, you will need a system of metrics, which enables you, to

  • see your status quo,
  • define target values and parameters of influence 
  • define measures enbling you to achieve the pre-defined targets values
  • to measure success and negative trends 
  • manage continual improvement programs 

The metrics system shall be defined in such way, that you will be able to judge the efficiency of your company and to observe the measure of stability / instability. These assessments will allow you, to control your company in an optimal way.

Your remuneration:

  • reduced intrapreneurial risk
  • increased security of employment
  • economic and performance capacity