To overcome cliffs in foundation of Subsidiaries in China and Far East

You are planning the foundation of a company or subsidiary in south east Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam) or China?

Your risk: You will transfer your European way of thinking in to the world of Asia. - But even in Europe, behaviour and methods are quite different, e. g. in Germany, France, Great Britain or Switzerland. - And even much more significantly different between European countries and Asia, this completely different cultural area!

Many companies - even very big ones - have given up their subsidiaries in far est, as they were not able, to overcome the cliffs they have located. They invested important amounts of money, without having any profit of it. Many of such "adventures" ended without results, but with tremendous cost.

We have experience over many years to solve the typical challenges in these regions, in addition our network extends to very competent partners on site, having their roots in these cultures, and speaking the local languages as native speakers.

Our consulting is structured in to two segments:

  1. Consulting prior to your decision to open a subsidiary: You need to be aware of all challanges and risk, and all advantages, waiting for you.
  2. Consulting and assistance, when you are starting your activities on site, after positively having decided. This includes the set up of all regulations, and organizational rules in your company (e. g., hiring and training of employees, qualification, organization) up to assistance to fulfill official requirements.

Very fast, you will appreciate our assistance and estimate it to be very important and indispensable.