Business and Contractual Conditions

The subsequent conditions are valid for all contracts closed with ISO-Consulting:

  1. The enterprise is contracting with ISO-Consulting for following achievements according to the regulations and conditions of this contract: ISO - Consulting will provide advice to top management, management and employees of the enterprise in business affairs, related to the operational management, corporate governance and strategy and the financial policy, labour and labour conditions, safety and any matter of business cases. 
  2. ISO - Consulting will furnish most of achievements at a location, which will be defined by ISO - Consulting. Additionally ISO - Consulting will use all means of modern technology and communication, internet, PC, and phone / mobile phone, to achieve results defined in the contract.
  3. ISO - Consulting will comply the achievements in the frame of this contract acting as an independent enterprise. Accordingly, ISO - consulting will be responsible to pay all kinds of taxes resulting from achievements in this contract, with the exception of VAT payments in the case of foreign countries; procedure of such payment will be explained on the invoice to the customer, if applicable.
  4. ISO - Consulting agrees to treat any information of the customer enterprise, where it has been taken notice in the frame of the consulting contract as strictly confidential and is obliged not to transfer such information to third party.
  5. The customer enterprise can task ISO - Consulting to use services of third party. The customer will compensate all cost resulting thereof. ISO - Consulting is obliged, not to task third party services without prior approval of the customer.
  6. ISO - Consulting in the function of a counsellor will not take over responsibility for the implementation of processes / procedures and for measures in the organization of the customer. Responsibility for negative effects of consulting will be excluded, unless the consultancy has been carried out in a grossly negligent way. Grossly negligence exists, if in consultancy the customer is requested to act consciously against existing law. Warnings expressed by the consultant exclude any liability expressively.
  7. To ensure a high quality of consultancy it is mandatory, that top management and according to related topics members of management and employees need to cooperate very closely with ISO-Consulting. ISO-Consulting declares not to be responsible for failures or insufficient results occurring due to lack of cooperation.
  8. Payments shall be effected after monthly invoicing within the agreed time window. The customer recognises, that ISO-Consulting cost frame is only realistic, when these conditions are respected. In the case, that one week after a 3rd claim payment has not been effected ISO-Consulting reserves the right, to sell the receivable account or to authorize a collection agency to initiate further steps. The customer accepts, that ISO-Consulting is allowed to transfer payment data to SCHUFA. After 2nd payment claim ISO-Consulting is entitled to suspend current activities.
  9. Place of jurisdiction for both parties is Rosenheim (Germany).