We don't promise you heaven and earth ...

We cannot keep quiet about it: The ways we are due to go together might be difficult and longsome.


For that reason we consider as a basis for a sound and successful partnership the subsequent principles:

  • Open and honest communication at any time
  • Objective discussion of diverging opinions
  • Across all diverging topics: Maintain the ability to achieve a consens
  • We do not accept a role of an "alibi operator", to be pushed in hopeless situation; but we are ready at any time, to search for optimized soultions together with you in critical intrapreneurial situations.
  • We will never promise unrealistic targets, if we are not convinced about realization: Neither regarding performance nor regarding dates.


We are distinguishing consciously:

  • It will not happen, that we are leaving you and your employees "in the rain". - We are not only defining with you your business processes, we also will help to implement them, if you wish that to do.
  • We will take care, that your processes are as short and simple as ever possible, and are being understood by your employees (KISS = keep it simply stupid). - Processe, which are not understood, do not help, they rather increase confusiion.
  • By defining processses we will define process targets and metrics, together with influence parameters: In daily practize you need to know, whats your actual situation, and how to improve process results.
  • By introducing metrics you will have a tool set, which enables you to verify cost efficiency: Quality and process management shall never be a cost factor, the need to hey are an indispensible part of the efficiency of your enterprise, and its stability in downturns.